Welcome to Kestrels Class - Year 6

Welcome to the first post from Kestrels Class. Although we have only been back at school for a relatively short time, Kestrels have been fully immersed in the Year 6 Curriculum.

There are high expectations of all children in Year 6 and we try to get them 'High School' ready over the course of the year. You may have noticed that the homework expectation has increased dramatically. All children receive daily homework, in readiness for the Key Stage 2 SAT tests,which Kestrels will be working towards (wb 14th May 2018 - save the date!). They are also expected to learn spellings, read daily and record it. All homework should be written in their homework diary - if it is not, please contact us! Any concerns or worries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Important Information

PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure your child has a clean kit in every week!

Spellings are handed out on Friday and tested on the following Friday.

Children will have daily homework. All homework is written in a homework diary. 

Children are expected to read daily.

All pupils should bring a water bottle into school.

Pencil cases are permitted, but please make sure all items are labelled.

Kestrels at the Royal Opera House

On Wednesday, 27th September, Kestrels headed down to London, to Covent Garden, for the coveted opportunity to watch The Royal Ballet perform 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'.We have been fortunate to obtain highly subsidised tickets (£7.50 instead of over £100!) in order to have this thrilling cultural experience. In fact, none of the teachers accompanying Kestrels had ever been to the Royal Opera House and, for this class, it was their second opportunity!

The ballet was beautiful, accompanied by a full orchestra. Although, perhaps, not necessarily something the children would choose to watch, I am certain, when they are older, they will appreciate it! We were all blown away by the building, actors pre-show and the ballet itself. We will look forward to further opportunities in the future.

Have you heard about our Reading League yet? Reading is an extremely important life skill and opens access to so many areas of the curriculum and the wider world. Year Six are expected to read every night - yes, that's 7 times in a week. Children record all reading in their reading record book, whether they read to themselves or an adult. Mrs Lara collects all reading records on Friday morning to see how many reads the children have done in a week. This information is then put into the Reading League: an excel programme which pitches children against children (and staff!). Scores are added up and we are then given player of  the week and an overall winner is declared. Kestrels class are extremely motivated by the league, which is then displayed after lunch on Friday. That's what's happening in the picture above! Excited children: finding out who is in gold position;  who they are up against next week; was Mrs Lara beaten?! It's all great fun. Please encourage your child to read. We have a couple of children not reading at home! Give them a friendly reminder or else it'll be lunchtime reading instead!